Particulars of Employment are the Terms of Employment relating to individuals and from 6th April 2020 these will have to be included in a single document* provided in advance of day one of employment.

Particulars that must be given in a single document* are:

  • The names of the employer and the employee;
  • The date the employment starts and the date the employee’s period of continuous employment began (usually the same date for new employees but may be different if the employee has previous employment which counts as continuous);
  • Pay (or method of calculation) and interval of payment;
  • Hours of work including normal working hours, the days of the week the employee is required to work and whether working hours of days may be variable with details of how they may vary;
  • Holiday entitlement and holiday pay;
  • Any other paid leave (e.g. maternity);
  • The employee’s job title (or a brief description of the work);
  • The place of work;
  • Any additional benefits provided by the employer;
  • Any probationary period;
  • Any training offered by the employer;
  • The person to whom the employee can appeal if they are dissatisfied with any disciplinary decision or grievance finding;
  • Terms as to length of temporary of fixed term work (if applicable);
  • Terms related to work outside the UK for a period of more than one month (if applicable);
  • The notice periods for termination by either side;
  • Terms and conditions relating to incapacity for work due to sickness or injury including any provision for sick pay.

The following do not need to be provided by day one but must be provided within two months of the start of employment:

  • Terms as to pensions and pension scheme details;
  • Details of any collective agreement affecting the employee (or a statement that non apply);
  • Details of any training provided by the employer;
  • Details about disciplinary and grievance procedures (this is in addition to the information which must be given in the principal statement).


Clients of QHR Solutions who have had their contracts prepared by QHR Solutions, are ahead of the game as all our contracts are ‘Contracts of Employment and Statement of Particulars’ and all of the above requirements are already included and covered.

The main change for these companies is that the document must be given to new employees in advance of day one of employment.

If your contracts do not include all of the above then you must either add them in as a ‘Statement of Particulars’ or you must prepare an additional single* document covering the inclusions listed above.  A single* document can be either just that or a section added to the contract of employment.

Although there are four areas that need not be included immediately but within two months of the start of employment, our advice would be to include them all in the single document or in the dual Contract of Employment and Statement of Particulars.

QHR Solutions would be happy to help any company who needs to adapt their contracts to comply with the above.